Welcome to
D.A.V College Kotkhai

This is where we teach students skills they need to transform themselves, others, and our global communities.

President's Message

I wish the students will utilize all the educational opportunities in college for their holistic development. I wish you sucess in all your future endeavours. All the activities initiated by your college are highly appreciable and I am sure that college would continue to make a significant contribution in educating the students in such a manner that they become strong in character.
Dr.Punam Suri
DAV College Managing Committee
New Delhi

Principal's Message

Welcome to the DAV Centenary College, Kotkhai a strong link in the vast chain of DAV Institutions the second largest educational provider of the country after the govt., having glorious history of imparting quality education during past 134 years. This college was established in 1985, on the request of the then Himachal Pradesh Government, as a mark of the 100th year of the phenomenal service rendered by DAV Moment. The DAV while expanding its wing during centenary year espoused the cause of education in this part of Himachal Pradesh by serving the youth in its own way.

Guided by the missionary zeal and visionary approach of its founding fathers, the college is constantly evolving, improving and updating itself to be one-up against the challenges of a shifting changing world environment with globalization and advancements in the social, technological, economic and political landscapes. It becomes imperative for us to acquire new ways of thinking and new concepts and perceiving regality.

Education is an ornament in prosperity and refuge in adversity, which helps in transformation. The goal of education is not create literates but to create virtuous human beings. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Higher Education must not make students professionals but educate them to be wise enough. An educated person in real sense is quite happy, satisfied highly sensitive to the societal issues. DAV College Kotkhai has achieved many milestones and is still striving to achieve many more in near future.

Dr. Roshan Lal Vashist
D.A.V Centenary College Kotkhai

Code of Conduct

The institution expects its students to observe strictly the code of conduct laid down for them and cultivate the habit of self-discipline during their stay in the college. This will finally shape them into responsible citizens of India.

  1. The college lays stress on the maintenance of discipline in and outside the college campus.
  2. The students most show regularity in attendance and punctuality during their stay in the college.
  3. The students most show attendance & punctuality in all college functions.
  4. Students are supposed to be courteous & polite in their dealings with one another and with the college employees and they are required to use dignified language while addressing others.
  5. Students should shift from one class room to another in an orderly manner
  6. Students are advised to utilize their vacant period in reading books, magazines & newspapers available in the Library.
  7. Smoking and chewing tobacco is strictly forbidden inside the college campus.
  8. Students are required to help the college authorities in maintaining cleanliness.
  9. All quarrels and disputes are described; in no case should be student take law in his own hands. In the event of a dispute, written complaint should he made to the Principal at once.
  10. Students are required to show responsibility towards the college belongings. Damage to any type of college property will not be condoned under any circumstance.

College Information

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Test & Examination Eligibility

 House Test & U.G. Examination by HPU 

  1. All the students are required to appear in various examinations and test held by the college.
  2. The absentees will be fined according to the rules.
  3. The minimum passing marks will be 40% in aggregate. However, 35% each in Internal Assessment and Final Examinations will be compulsory. For practicals 40% passing marks will be compulsory and if a candidate fails to obtain 40% marks in practicals will be treated as fail in that subject.

U.G. Examination conducted by the HPU will commence in as per date sheet notified by the University. In order to earn eligibility for appearing in the University examination to be held in march the students are required to attend at least 75% of the total lecturers delivered in each subject otherwise admission forms will not be verified by the college.

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